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Jenco Wireless Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How fast is this service?

A: Download speeds up to 10 Mbps.

Q: Do I need a firewall?

A: Firewalls are a necessity, and are almost always turned on automatically with modern operating systems and devices (wireless routers). However, Jenco does provide some filtering (unlike most ISP's) in order to provide you with additional protection.

Q: What are the minimum PC requirements?

A: Any computer with an Ethernet card should work. (The Ethernet port looks like a large phone jack). Most computers already have one. We can assist you in the selection and installation of an Ethernet card if you need one. Our service will work with any modern operating system - Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Q: Are you going to install software on my computer?

A: No.

Q: Are you going to install hardware in my computer?

A: No. Not unless you need assistance installing an Ethernet card.

Q: Can I use more than 1 computer at a time with this service?

A: Yes you can, however, any additional computers must be located in the same home or business. Sharing with your neighbors is stealing. Jenco does offer discount plans if you are physically located close enough to your neighbor(s) that they can be reached without the use of an additional outdoor radio unit and will assist you with making the connection. In order to use more than 1 computer, a router is required.

Q: What does the standard installation include?

A: Everything! (If a signal is available at the height of your roof or lower and your computer meets the minimum requirements). The installation includes a wireless outdoor unit, mounting hardware, and the necessary cables. Jenco does not provide or sell customer routers, as they are the number one cause of lost connectivity. If your Internet service is really important to you, we recommend always keeping a spare router on hand.

Q: How much does the installation cost?

A: $99 to $299. This cost is for the installation and a one-time equipment rental fee. If your wireless outdoor unit fails for any reason other than abuse, we will replace it at no cost to you. Our installation fee is your only commitment to Jenco Wireless, and it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. We stand behind our service by not locking people in to term contracts. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call today !!!

Q: How long can the cable be?

A: 328 feet (100 Meters). There are special methods that we can use to go further, but this is very rare.

Q: How big is the wireless outdoor unit?

A: We use several different types. It varies depending on how far you are from the tower and what tower you will be connecting to. Most are attractive units about the size of a folded newspaper and only a couple of inches thick. The "ugliest" look similar to satellite dishes used for TV - but please don't confuse this with satellite Internet. We are much better than satellite. We do make every effort to "hide" the units as we understand that everyone wants their home to look its best. Before performing any installation, our installers will go over all of the details with you for your approval. We will not perform installations without the homeowners being present.

Q: Do you charge sales tax?

A: Yes for installation. No for residential monthly service. Yes for business monthly service. The installation tax is taken from the install fee, not added to it, so we can still say - "no taxes, fees, surcharges, or "packages"" (no taxes for residential customers - we are required by Ohio law to charge sales tax for business service). Our pricing is extremely competitive when you take this in to account. We don't "bait and switch"" like it seems that every other company does. We don't advertise $19.95 then tack on all of these questionable items and rack-up your bill to 5 times the advertised cost. We are open, complete, upfront, and honest with our customers.

Q: Who owns the equipment?

A: The equipment remains the property of Jenco Wireless. If you wish to cancel your service, the equipment will be removed from your home at no cost to you.

Q: Are there download limits?

A: No, there are no limits. However, we reserve this right - "Customers using bandwidth in excess of 250 Gigabytes per month (both uploading and downloading) can have their maximum speed reduced for the remainder of the month." Almost all Internet companies are doing this or worse now - some even cancel customer's service permanently - they just don't advertise it. It is Jenco's current understanding that the local phone company is quietly enforcing a similar policy. This is done to ensure that our service meets the needs of "normal" customers. There are very few people who will actually use this much bandwidth.

Q: What are some of the advantages of the Jenco Wireless service?

A: This is an always on connection. Our connection speeds are very fast with excellent ping times. We provide excellent customer service.

Q: Will rain or fog affect the signal?

A: Let's say that it shouldn't (it has happened a few times in the past). We will not perform installations with a marginal signal level. If you ever have a problem with your service, please do not wait to call - whatever is causing the issue we will get it figured out and make speedy repairs.

Q: How does Jenco Wireless compare to 2-way Satellite?

A: We are much faster and much less expensive. You can "game." You can VPN. No download limits (normally). Not affected by weather.

Q: You keep saying wireless, what is this about a cable I keep reading?

A: A wireless signal gets the internet to the wireless outdoor unit located at your home. A small cable carries the internet from this unit in to your computer or router.

Q: Can I use a VPN connection?

A: Yes. If you are connecting "out." In order to connect "in", you may need a special IP address (public), which has a small additional cost. This is rarely needed to connect to a company's server. In some cases we will have to remove any firewall protection that we are providing for you.

Q: Does this require line of sight?

A: Not always. Only a free site survey can tell for sure. Site surveys are fast and free - call to get yours today.

Q: Can I use file sharing applications?

A: Yes, as long as the activity is downloading (not uploading) and it is legal. Users who are uploading excessive amounts of data for long periods of time may have their upload speeds greatly reduced until this activity ceases. If you have a legitimate need for faster upload speeds, please contact us. The Jenco wireless service agreement includes the following clause: "Members agree not to provide any public information services over a wireless connection". Sharing files with the entire internet community violates this policy.

The reasons for this policy are:

  1. Often, computers that upload a lot of data are infected with a virus or malware, which is designed to disrupt Internet traffic and
  2. Another cause for excessive uploading is from file sharing, which in most cases contains illegal files such as copyrighted music, programs, movies, etc.

Jenco wireless has and will continue to support authorities to identify the perpetrators of illegal use of the Internet.

Q: Can I use an Internet phone?

A: Absolutely. Jenco Wireless believes that the days of old fashioned phone lines are numbered, but we do not provide support for Internet phones as we are not selling the service.